About Our Sheep

Our sheep and lambs, just like our other animals, are born here on the farm from sheep that we have selected for superior meat production and breeding. We currently breed with natural cover using rams. Our goal is to produce a fast growing well-muscled lamb and achieve this with commercial-type meat sheep largely Hampshire/Suffolk crosses.
All our sheep and lambs are raised on our own wholesome ground feed ration, high-quality hay, and fresh water. We DO NOT use routine antibiotics or hormones of any kind.

Lamb Production

Our Sheep are bred annually for late fall (December through mid-January) and early winter (mid-January through February) lambing. Most lambs are born after January 1. This breeding schedule ensures we have young age-appropriate lamb available for the Halal market as well as 4-H or FFA youth show prospects. In March, we evaluate our lamb crop for soundness and confirmation. Lambs that don’t make the cut are not retained for breeding, show prospects, or meat sales.

Sheep & Lamb Sales

4-H or FFA Youth Show Prospects

In late February through early March, we invite youth in to the barn to look at the lamb crop for a potential show lamb. Prices do vary from year to year and will be made available closer to sale day. Please call to schedule a visit.

Halal Sales

We are one of the few farms in the Southwestern Pennsylvania area which offers lamb sales for a Halal self- slaughter here at the farm. If interested, please contact us ahead of time as there is an array of sizes (weights) requested. Prices are subject to market conditions and size of the lamb. Lambs are priced per head. An area will be made available for the ceremony.


Please check back, we will post animals as they are available for sale by private treaty.

Contact us


295 Krepps Lane, East Millsboro, PA 15433