About Our LAMB

Our sheep and lambs, just like our other animals, are born here on the farm from sheep that we have selected for superior meat production and breeding. We currently breed with natural cover using rams. Our goal is to produce a fast growing well-muscled lamb and achieve this with commercial-type meat sheep largely Hampshire/Suffolk crosses.
All our sheep and lambs are raised on our own wholesome ground feed ration, high-quality hay, and fresh water. We DO NOT use routine antibiotics or hormones of any kind.

Freezer lamb Sales

We raise a limited amount of lambs for the freezer lamb market. Our lambs are priced by the head at time of sale. The sale price includes delivery to our contracted butcher* and delivery of the finished meat product to the customer (within 30 miles). As there are many individual preferences in size and age of lamb, ranging from 50 lbs – 200 lbs live weight and from 3 months old to a 2 year old (known as a Hogget), each customer will need to let us know what they are looking for.

*We also offer the option to deliver the live animal to the butcher of your choice or to your home, within 40 miles, for a $25.00 fee. To have the animal delivered to your butcher, you must make arrangements with the butcher and contact us with a date 4 weeks before the delivery date. Be aware that some butchers are scheduling a year in advance.

Keep in mind a lamb usually dresses (or hangs on the rail) at 50% of its live weight. Therefore a 100 lb. lamb will yield a hot carcass hanging weight (HCHW) of 50 lbs. This will only yield 50 lbs. of take-home meat if no bones, fat, or anything is removed from the carcass. Removal of bones, fat, shrinkage due to cooler hanging time, and deboned cuts will reduce the yield even further. Click here for lamb cut sheet. The lamb cut sheet must reach us before the animal is delivered to the butcher. Click here for a diagram of lamb cuts.

The butcher charges a dispatch fee and a processing fee for lambs which is usually one standard price/head. Some butchers charge a price for smaller lambs and another price for lambs over a certain weight.

If interested in purchasing a lamb for freezer meat sales, a Halal slaughter, or for more information, please complete the form below or contact us at the number listed.


Complete the form below for pricing, deposit amount, or any other information about ordering beef, lamb, or pork. Once you have submitted the form, we will contact you to address your questions. A deposit is required to save your order, and will go towards your final cost. We accept Zelle, Venmo, CashApp, and checks for all payments, including deposits.

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