About Our hogs

Currently, at Fruit Hill Farms, we breed and raise fullblood Duroc, Hampshire, Yorkshire and commercial crosses of these three breeds offering many bluebutt hogs. Our feed is formulated and ground here on the farm from wholesome corn, soybeans, and minerals essential to good health. We breed several times throughout the year and often have young animals born at the appropriate time for youth 4-H and FFA shows.


Our sows are bred by artificial insemination and give birth in farrowing crates with fresh water and feed available. Piglets have a separate heated area in the farrowing crates to sleep or lounge away from mom. All piglets are vaccinated, ear notched and have their eye teeth clipped; male piglets are castrated unless chosen to be retained as a boar. We wean our piglets at 4-5 weeks. At that time the piglets are accustomed to eating feed formulated for their age and stage of growth from feed ground here at the farm.

Hog Sales

4-H or FFA Youth Show Prospects

Our show prospects are sold between 6 and 8 weeks of age. If interested, please contact us for availability, pricing, and to schedule a visit.

Feeder Pigs

We sell feeder pigs at 6-8 weeks of age and also market-ready finished pigs (300 lbs). Please contact us for availability.

Breeding Sows

Breeding sows are sold as young 6-8 weeks old piglets. Purebreds can be papered if requested. Please contact us for availability.


Please check back, we will post animals as they are available for sale by private treaty.

Contact us


295 Krepps Lane, East Millsboro, PA 15433