About our Beef

Our beef, just like our other animals, are born here on the farm from cattle that we have selected for superior meat production and breeding. We use both artificial insemination breeding techniques and natural breeding with a bull. Our goal is to produce a highly marketable crossbred Angus calf through hybrid-vigor crossing Angus with other standard breeds. These calves grow faster and have increased muscling and superior marbling making them a great choice for the commercial/feeder/and freezer calf market.
Each year, a cow produces one calf. At Fruit Hill Farms we plan and breed for spring calving in March through May. Our calves spend the summer on pasture with their mothers and are weaned in the fall. At that time the calves are evaluated for soundness and carcass traits. Those that make the cut are retained to feed out for meat sales or replacement herd heifers. We also make them available to youth for purchase as 4-H/FFA show prospects.

Freezer beef

After weaning and evaluation, retained steers are fed a wholesome diet of feed ground on the farm combined with high quality dry and wet hay for the next 12 -14 months. Calves are evaluated regularly for weight gain and finish with feed adjustments made as needed until they reach a finished market weight between 1250 and 1350 pounds. Because all of our calves are born on the farm, we retain and feed out a limited amount of steers each year for sale as freezer beef. To ensure we have beef for interested customers, we accept deposits. The deposit ensures you will receive your whole, half, or quarter when ready in fall or early winter. The deposit is taken off the final bill.

Prices in the animal industry do change on a regular basis so we will not list prices here. Please complete the inquiry form below for availability and more information on current pricing. We will contact you with all the information when we receive your form.

Freezer beef pricing

Our beef is priced by live weight when it is loaded for transport to the butcher. Delivery of the live animal to the contracted butcher* and delivery of the finished product to the customer (within a 30 mile radius) is included in the price. Customers can make arrangements through us to pick up the meat directly from the butcher if preferred.

*We also offer the option to deliver the live animal to the butcher of your choice or to your home, within 40 miles, for a $25.00 fee. To have the animal delivered to your butcher, you must make arrangements with the butcher and contact us with a date at least 4 weeks before the delivery date. Be aware that some butchers are scheduling a year in advance.

Your beef will be custom processed to your specifications by completing a beef cut sheet. The cut sheet must reach us before the animal is delivered to the butcher. Click here for a diagram of beef cuts. Additional charges include the charge from the butcher for dispatch and processing. Processing is calculated from the Hot Carcass Hanging Weight (HCHW) at time of slaughter. There can also be additional charges for special requests such as hamburger patties. The standard dressing percentage, which is the hot carcass hanging weight for a beef steer is 60-65% of the live weight. This is only an estimate. Many things factor into the final take-home amount including, but not limited to, shrinkage due to cooler hanging time, large bones removed, fat cover, and deboned cuts.

Our beef is processed by a contracted local butcher* to each customer’s specifications. Our butcher vacuum seals all meat cuts for freshness and extended freezer shelf life.

Complete the form below to inquire about availability and pricing along with any other questions you may have about the beef or the process.


Complete the form below for pricing, deposit amount, or any other information about ordering beef, lamb, or pork. Once you have submitted the form, we will contact you to address your questions. A deposit is required to save your order, and will go towards your final cost. We accept Zelle, Venmo, CashApp, and checks for all payments, including deposits.

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